whmcs login screen tutorials 1Hello today I'll show you how to mannualy install WHMCS.

First you have to obtain a WHMCS License. You can purchase from WHMCS official web site from here.

Now you have to download your WHMCS by logging into your WHMCS client area at www.whmcs.com/members and following these steps:

First Click on the My Licenses & Services link.
Select one of your active license keys (to view its details ).
We advice you to select the latest stable version to download from the downloads listed at the bottom of the page.
Install the WHMCS

Create The Database

You will need to login to your cPanel and create a database and database user in MySQL Databases.

Do some preparation
You will need to unzip the WHMCS Package that you have downloaded and uploaded to the server.
You can do that via FTP or through your cPanel File Manager.
Ok now please rename the file named configuration.php.new to configuration.php

Let's get started
Open the installation script with your favorite browser at http://www.example.com/whmcs/install/install.php to run the installation process
* Please replace yourdomain.com with your domain where the whmcs is placed

After reading the WHMCS End User License Agreement, click I Agree to continue.

Enter your License Key you received from WHMCS and the database details you previously created, then click Continue.
Enter the details in the form for the administrator account so that you can access and setup your WHMCS installation, then click Complete Setup.
*This is the "super administrator" who can manage other administrators (if any) later. Please keep your password save!

Finishing the Installation
Now you have to navigate to the installation path and delete the install directory.

*Optional We strongly recommend for additional security, you have to move the templates_c, downloads and attachments folders outside of any publicly accessible directories like public_html or it;s subfolders.

Setup your Cron to ensure WHMCS is performing its required scheduled tasks once a day.
You can do that through cPanel's cron job feature or through command line using the example below. (Be sure to replace username with your actual cPanel username.)

0 0 * * * php -q /home/yourusernamegoeshere/public_html/enterthewhmcsfolderhereifany/admin/cron.php

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